Master Dwight Benjamin, 5th Dan, Senior Instructor: Master Benjamin is a familiar face to many of our students and is our senior ranking black belt at IMAA. Master Benjamin will be teaching classes and assisting with promotions at Indianapolis Martial Arts Academy.

·    Served in the United States Marine Corps from March 1981-February 1989 (all active duty).

·    Free & Accepted Mason (since 2005) - Lodge Secretary and mentor.

·    Volunteer - Toys for Tots.

·    27 years of Tae Kwon Do instructing experience

·    Certified referee through the USTU (United States Tae Kwon Do Union).

·    Holder of 5th Dan certification

·    Attended KTA (Korean Tae Kwon Do Academy 1989/1991

·    ATI (American Tae Kwon Do Institute) 1981/2010


Dr. Brian Decker, 2nd Dan, Instructor: Mr. Decker earned his 1st Dan while in college. He recently re-discovered his passion for taekwondo after his sons began learning the art. Mr. Decker will be filling in as an instructor when needed, and assisting during classes and at promotions.

·    Practicing nephrologist and clinical pharmacologist Serving on the faculty at Indiana University School of Medicine

·    Earned First Dan in Tae Kwon Do at Rick Tague’s Martial Arts in Lafayette, IN whilein college.  After several years away from martial arts, returned to Tae Kwon Do and successfully earned First Dan Black Belt again at Crossroads Martial Arts.

·    Active in Boy Scouts as a Scoutmaster for Troop 56 in Indianapolis

·    Has extensive teaching experience as a faculty at the Indiana University School of Medicine and specifically youth, as a Scoutmaster for Troop 56


Mrs. Risa Flight, 2nd Dan, Instructor, After School Program Manager: Mrs. Flight has been the primary instructor at the Eagle Creek Elementary after school program with Cross Roads Martial Arts for the past 3 years. She will continue to instruct that program through the Indianapolis Martial Arts Academy as well as assist with classes and promotions at the dojang.

·  B.S. in Music/Business from Ball State University

·  Professional flutist, teacher, and repair technician at Paige's Music;

·  Started taekwondo with daughters seven years ago;

·  Has been involved in the Eagle Creek Elementary School (“ECES”) Tae Kwon Do program as a teacher since obtaining a blue belt about six years ago;

·   Assisted as an Assistant Instructor at American Tae Kwon Do Institute;

·  Became head instructor at ECES under Andre' Parker ownership at Cross Roads Martial Arts;

·  Took over after-school program as owner/instructor and after-school program director at IMAA;

·  Promoted to 1st degree black belt 3 years ago. 

·  Married with 3 children - Taylor (Freshman at Pike High School), Hannah and Madeline (7th grade at NAPA).


Mr. Matt Spurlock, 1st Dan, Instructor, Business Manager: Mr. Spurlock has a great deal of business experience and is very passionate about taekwondo. He has many ideas on how to effectively run our school and will be in charge of the business management and financial operations of IMAA.