We are proud to be serving Pike Township families.  Why? We’re raising our families here, too.  Communities thrive when each of us does our part and gives back.  It’s for these reasons I.M.A.A. works tirelessly at serving the best interests of the many youths and adults that walk through our doors.  Don’t just take our word for it.  Here is what some of those we are serving have to say…

“Our son is a kindergartner at Eagle Creek Elementary who has been a student at IMAA since August. Two years ago, we visited a neurologist and he was diagnosed with a myopathy, or overall muscle weakness. This weakness affected his balance, strength, and ability to walk, run, and climb. Over the last two years, he has undergone weekly physical therapy appointments to increase his strength and stamina.  Through PT, he gained strength and confidence so that he does most of the things that other kindergartners do. He can do quite a bit, but he is noticeably slower and weaker than his classmates, and he still tires quickly. His therapist believes that continued activity will be important to try to build his strength.

One of the areas that his physical therapist has focused on is getting him involved in activities with his friends in lieu of physical therapy. He enjoyed participating in Pike youth soccer last spring, although it was difficult for him to keep up with the quick running all the time, since he tires quickly.

His therapist next suggested trying Tae Kwon Do, since this is an activity that works on balance, strength, and coordination. Since we enrolled him at IMAA, he has definitely learned a lot of the basics of Tae Kwon Do, and he really enjoys being with kids around his own age. As parents, we appreciate the lessons on discipline and respect that the instructors give. Most importantly for him, although he struggles with some movements, the instruction is individualized so that he can get instruction with more advanced peers. This inclusive environment has really helped Cameron become more confident. IMAA has been a great addition to his activities, and we look forward to seeing him continue to become stronger and more confident.
~John and Emily Blue


 “I am very satisfied with your Tae Kwon Do classes and your whole team.  You are very talented, positive and great teachers.  I also noticed some positive changes in my child's behavior and physical abilities; [He has] excellent discipline in the class as well as at home. He is doing great in the class and ready to be promoted.


 I am very happy that I picked such a great and smart sport for my kid. He will be very happy to be part of your team in the future.   Thank you all for making a big difference in my child's well-being”.                                                                                                 


~ Aleksandra Marinkovic 


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“I have two children enrolled at I.M.A.A. and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  My son and daughter have gained the confidence, skills, and physical agility they need to defend themselves.  In this era of increased awareness of bullying (especially the growing incidences among girls), it’s a comfort to know Risa, Matt, and the staff are there for them. 


My son had an incident in which he had to use his Tae Kwon Do skills.  Fortunately, neither child was seriously injured.  My son knew that he was to use just enough force to stave off the attack.  The day following the incident, one of the instructors sat down with him to discuss what had transpired.  This “sit down” gave my son the feedback he needed in order to emphasize the importance of the Tenets and guidance in how to handle his martial arts skills.  This gave him more confidence knowing that not only his father and I were there for him, but his instructors as well.

Lastly, I appreciate that he is promoted only when he has successfully met the requirements of the next belt level.  I.M.A.A. takes the time to assure my children have mastered the skills rather than rushing them through to the next level.  This is done through communicating with us and offering convenient hours for brushing up on any skills that need more polish.  Thanks I.M.A.A., for exceeding my expectations.  It’s worth every penny”.


~Melissa Bailey-Comstock



“Ms. Flight, Mr. Benjamin, Mr. Decker, and other staff members have made a significant difference in my children’s lives. My children have been taking lessons in tae kwon do with IMAA for years now, and my experiences and observations tell me that these lessons offer several benefits that fit the goals and mission of Pike Township.


First, these lessons offer an extended opportunity for my children to pursue good physical education. This gives my children greater chance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle into adulthood.
Second, I believe that IMAA’s lessons have improved my children’s level of concentration, which is beneficial both in and out of the classroom. As students in the class prepare to move up to the next color belt, they must study a series of positions and moves, then execute those steps accurately. This clearly fits Pike Township’s mission to improve children’s learning both in and beyond the classroom.


Third, these lessons fit well with Pike Township’s goals for increased understanding and respect for other cultures.  My children can count in Korean, and they have learned many other terms as well.  Furthermore, studying tae kwon do is in itself an opportunity to learn about another culture and its philosophical view of the world.


Fourth, and perhaps most important, the tenets of tae kwon do, as taught by IMAA, teach essential citizenship skills. Students are taught to observe and practice key values: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and spirit. They are also taught to respect others (especially their instructors and elders), the importance of not using the skills they learn in tae kwon do inappropriately, to champion freedom and justice, and to work on building a more peaceful world. In the current climate of bullying and violence, of cheating, and of apathy widely perceived in our schools, what better lessons can we offer our children?

For these reasons, I strongly urge you to continue Pike Township’s relationship with IMAA. The instructors love their work, often exceeding parents’ expectations in working to help students succeed. They build confidence, a healthy spirit of both competition and camaraderie, and essential life skills.  All of Pike Township’s students could benefit from IMAA’s program. Thank you for your consideration”.


 Grant E. Mabie