Pike TKD Club (PTC)

Now available to all Pike Students in Grades 3-12

Class times Wednesdays 6 – 7:00p.m 

There are 5 tenants of taekwondo:


At the end of each session, students who exemplify these tenants will be recognized during the belt promotion ceremony.

 The first season of the PTC will not have a sparring tournament. It is a standing practice that white belt students do not spar due to the inexperience level. The second season and beyond will have a sparring tournament included as part of the promotion process for yellow belts and above.

Registration fee

            $125 each session/semester

Registration fee includes:  

  •             15 Classes each session/semester
  •             Belt
  •             Promotion expenses
  •             Uniform (1st session)
  •             Sparring helmet and mouthpiece (2nd session)

 1st Session Registration August 6 – 29

There will be no late registration fees, but we cannot take new applicants after the fourth class.

Sessions held on all Wednesdays where Pike High School is in session.

Classes to be held at 6264 LaPas Trail.

 End of the session promotion/tournament to be held at Indianapolis Martial Arts Academy.

Registration form can be found here.


Taekwondo is a contact sport. As with all sports within Pike Township, we will require parents and guardians to read and acknowledge the information regarding head injuries and concussions. This information can be found here: Pike Head Injuries & Concussion information

We will require that parents or legal guardians fill out and sign the Concussion Acknowledgement and Signature form. This must be completed by the second class or your student will not be able to take part in key components of taekwondo training.